Take Time Out for a Father and Daughter Tea – Hosted by TAL

Father and Daughter Tea
Any parent knows that there is no such thing as too much time spent with your children. No matter how old your child is, you will want to be involved in her life and bond together, creating memories. The upcoming Father and Daughter Tea hosted by TAL is the perfect... [read more]

Don’t Miss the Big Day Special Event and Bridal Show

Bride sitting on grass with bouquet for Bridal Show
Is your wedding coming up? Then be sure to stop by the Big Day Special Event & Bridal Show. This is the fourth annual event and will give you an incredible range of ideas for your special day. In fact, you may even find every single vendor you need for... [read more]

Learn More about the Civil War During the 4th Annual Symposium

Leather Gloves for Emerging Civil
Emerging Civil War is a history-oriented platform that is completely public and designed to help share resources and information related to the Civil War. It is dedicated to collecting personal narratives, book reviews, memory studies, photos, essays, and more. Every year, it also hosts an annual symposium designed to increase... [read more]

Can Your Child Sing in A Real-Time Opera?

Close up of Opera singer
The Stafford Opera Troupe Summer Program is a three-week fundamental training program for students of the arts! The is a mentoring program that helps its participants develop the skills and courage they will need for an acting and singing career. With this camp, attendees will learn about patience, practice, and... [read more]

Support Local Artists at Art in the Park 2017

Row of artist paint brushes for Art in the Park
Local artists and crafters will fill up Hurkamp Park the 1st and 3rd Saturdays from May through October. This event will be in conjunction with the Fredericksburg City Farmers' Market too. So, make sure you bring out the whole family and enjoy a wonderful morning surrounded by local foods and... [read more]

Unite With Your Team at This Local Gaming Tournament

Closeup of two friends playing video game in Gaming Tournament
GEXcon is the largest video gaming convention that takes place in Fredericksburg, VA. GEXcon stands for The Gaming and Entertainment Experience Convention. You will have the opportunity to participate in some of the coolest games of our time! To contact the team behind this amazing experience, shoot them an email here. ... [read more]

Show Your Patriotic Side At the July 4th Heritage Festival

Little girl outdoors for July 4th Heritage Festival
This 4th of July, come and celebrate the nation's birthday with the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  This is going to be a great night for family fun! Get ready for more than just a Firework display! The event will leave you speechless with the beautiful lights bursting over the city.... [read more]

Top Spots for Pet Grooming

Dog-grooming shops
  Make sure your pooch looks his best this summer with some help from one of the local pet groomers in Fredericksburg. With regular grooming, you don’t have to worry about your dog shedding excess fur all over your car or house, something that can be a real concern in the... [read more]

Get into your Artistic Side

Find your artistic side
For those folks who walk on the more creative side of life, Fredericksburg is the perfect area. The town is full of art, with multiple museums, galleries, and art stores to explore. Get lost for an entire weekend learning about and exploring the art that the city has to offer;... [read more]

Where to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Fredericksburg

Satisfy your sweet tooth
Most people will want to satisfy their sweet tooth any time of the year, but this becomes especially important in the summer when the heat has you craving ice cream, frozen yogurt, or something similar. When those cravings hit, you’ll be glad to know that Fredericksburg is home to multiple... [read more]