Engaged? Attend Bridal Show Under the Stars

Bridal Show
It seems like now is the time of the year when Facebook timelines are flooded with engagement photos. Everywhere you turn, rings are being given and weddings are being planned. If you're among the ranks of the recently engaged, you know how it feels to have such an important event to... [read more]

Clean Your Air with these Powerful Houseplants

In school, you lean that we need trees to keep the carbon cycle going and help produce oxygen. And it's true – trees are great. But you don't have to plant a weeping willow in your living room to reap the air-scrubbing benefits of nature. Instead, check out this list... [read more]

Travel Enthusiast? Don’t Miss the Fredericksburg RV Expo

RV Expo
They say that traveling is one of the most enjoyable ways you can spend your time. After all, we live in a country so large that you could spend years exploring it without ever having to go overseas. But staying in a hotel all the time is not only expensive... [read more]

Enjoy Freestyle Fridays at Katora Coffee

Freestyle Fridays
Since the time of Parisian salons, coffee houses have served as incubators of creativity and self-expression. These cultural meccas are breeding grounds for artists, musicians, poets, and creative minds. If you have a talent you'd like to share with a community of like-minded people, then check out Freestyle Fridays. Even... [read more]

Great German Restaurants in the Fredericksburg Area

German Restaurants Strudel
Just the name "Fredericksburg" is enough to conjure images of strudel and lederhosen. It's true that Virginia as a whole has a rich German heritage. There are many festivals and celebrations that take place because of this. Read on to find out more about Virginia's German culture, and keep reading to... [read more]

Find Great Winter Reads at these Fredericksburg Bookstores

Fredericksburg Bookstores
These days, it's more popular to binge Netflix than it is to binge books. While there are some excellent shows and films on the 'flix, it still doesn't compare to the thrill of reading. The quantity of written works far outweighs that of Hollywood, in part because books have been... [read more]

It’s A Wee Christmas at the Kenmore Dollhouse & Miniatures Show

Wee Christmas at Kenmore
When it comes to Christmas, there is an assortment of traditions and customs we have grown fond of. Many include adorning our surroundings with festive decorations. One variety of décor in particular seems to appear at Christmastime – holiday miniatures. From tiny Santas to motorized mini-ice skaters, it's hard to enter... [read more]

Make Magical Memories at the Children’s Christmas Tree Lighting

Children's Christmas Tree Lighting
It's no secret that the Christmas seasons is a kid's favorite time of year. Almost universally, these months of merriment, sweet treats, and presents merit their own countdown calendar. There are lots of traditions that make Christmastime special, but none ushers it in quite like a Christmas tree lighting. These... [read more]

Enjoy a Winter Skate at Spotsylvania Towne Centre

A Winter Skate
Each holiday season, there are a few traditions that you simply can't pass up. Among them are decorating the tree, wrapping presents, and seeing the beautifully-lit homes in your surrounding neighborhoods. This year, there's another Christmas tradition that you can add to your list. It's the iceless skating rink at... [read more]

Show Your Support at the Salute to Veterans Event This Weekend

Veterans Day Weekend
Once November hits, it's easy to go full steam ahead into Thanksgiving and Christmas mode. But before you break out the cornucopias or dancing snowmen, take a moment to observe another important holiday. This Saturday marks Veterans Day, our nation's celebration of those who have served to defend our freedoms and... [read more]